Our strategic brands are our primary growth drivers across our markets. They have broad consumer appeal across geographies and they are the main focus for our business. We put great effort in research, development and innovation to meet new and emerging consumer trends. We manage and invest in these brands on a global basis so you will see consistent marketing from country to country. Our four strategic brands are:


    We produce a large selection of gas barbeques, combination grills, charcoal grills and smokers under the brand Gardenmaster™. We have or own production of firewood storage, fire pits and fireplaces in China. We also have a wide variety of heaters, outdoor fireplaces and other garden products produced in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.


    We offer high quality wood composite floors under the brand name Durawood™. These floors stand up to almost everything and are extremely durable. With our wide selection of beautiful designs and unique performance features, our clients are sure to find the floor that fits their existing and new customers. Durawood™ floors have superior scratch and stain resistance and will stay gorgeous for years. We also offer fence, decking solutions and other wood composite products.


    We offer more than 20 different outdoor spa models and more than 50 indoor spas and bathtubs. We also produce spas after our clients molds and specifications. Our greatest concern while producing high quality hottubs spas and swim spas is to pay attention to details. Hot tubs produced in Asia have been known to be of poor quality. This is not correct anymore, we are proud to say that we are one of the first producers that can offer the ultimate in luxury, advanced engineering, rich affordability and performance.


    We offer a huge selection of Patio umbrellas, Market umbrellas, Offset umbrellas and Side post umbrellas under the brand name Gardenroom™. We also produce Car-Ports, Garden Gazebos, Garden sheds and other protection solutions for your garden needs. We have many existing products, but we also develop new designs and solutions together with our clients to keep up with customer demands.

Product Sourcing Procedure

In order to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in performance of our customers sourcing solutions, our specialists will dissect the requirements to bring together the right sourcing solution. We will invest significant resources in evaluating prospective vendors, manufacturers, partners and perform due diligence if needed. We will work directly with the manufacturer to develop the sourcing plan and implement it. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships for both parties benefit.

Labor Intensive Products

One thing that our clients must be aware of when outsourcing to China is that the price of a commodity such as plastic, metal, etc. is approximately the same anywhere in the world. As such, labor-intensive products and products ordered in large quantities benefit you the most. Source™ has an established record of cutting 25%-50% of costs on products currently produced in Europe.

Vendor Matching

We start with an analyze of our clients specific needs and choose a number of capable manufacturing facilities from our manufacturing network. Source™ will assess each facility and choose the most appropriate vendor to ensure a smooth and cost-effective outsourcing transition. Our intimate knowledge of these manufacturing facilities will enable us to get our clients the lowest pricing while still maintaining the demanded quality standards. This strategy not only saves manufacturing costs but also selects the most capable manufacturer for the job.

Price Quote

In order to provide an accurate quote, Source™ consider the following facts when providing the price quote:

  1. Design work and drawings with specifications;
  2. Sample product with material code, size, color, etc.;
  3. Packaging requirement (if applicable);
  4. Printing requirement (if applicable);
  5. The quantity of the production run;
  6. Shipping preference such as FOB, CFR, CIF, Air, Ocean, or Express;
  7. CE, TUV or similar regulations (if applicable);
  8. Customs duty and clearance.
  9. Logistics

We normally quote the price on a landed duty paid European destination. But other options are also available.

Sample Prototyping

Before the start of the production, a sample will be delivered or controlled by us to ensure the quality. If necessary, adjustments will be made to the prototype.

Risk Assessment

China and many parts of Asia is still a transitional area and many processes and systems are still premature compared to that of Europé or USA. As a result, even though the pursuit of lower labor costs in China and Asia definitely will bring in high returns, it can also bring certain risks. Our experienced sourcing specialists will help you avoid these unnecessary risks to ensure your success by facilitating the exchange of information, assessing the level of risk, and developing control programs to make any transition as seamless as possible.

Production and Quality Assurance

The production run will start when our client has seen, evaluated, and approved the prototype. We always implement a quality control procedure to insure the quality of the product. This procedure is built into every step of the manufacturing process through the comprehensive inspection and the checks after each critical step in the process. All changes in design, process, and package are carefully evaluated for qualification requirements according to both internal and customer defined quality levels. Rather than focusing on detecting and removing defects after the product is manufactured, emphasis is placed on process quality and improving the production process, with the goal of preventing defects before they occur. The inspection team in the factories certifies that not any products containing detected discrepancies will be shipped or loaded for transport.